Game Mechanics Revamp

In this post I mentioned that I had “forgot[ten] about one aspect of the implementation, which was how much the options will actually cost to build into a unit.” I had the seed of an idea for how I might be able to do this without needing to do it arbitrarily for each and every unit option. Basically the idea was to deepen the game mechanics so that each unit option can be composed from basic components according to some rules. Then the cost could be algorithmically determined from the composition.

I decided to run with it and see where it went. I figured I’d wait and do an update after I either fully flushed out the idea or rejected it.  However, after spending the last three weeks on working on it without having flushed it out to the point or rejection or completion I thought it was time put a post. I’m starting to get a coding itch that will need to scratched soon, so I may end up doing some core technology coding, which shouldn’t need to be changed as a result of changing game mechanics, before I finish flushing out this idea.

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