Game mechanics revamped; time to start coding again

At this point I’ve flushed out most of the core details of my idea for deepening the game mechanics and its looking good. On Monday it seemed like I had solved the last tough problem without creating any new problems, but it took a couple more days to detail out that solution sufficiently for confirmation.

The new game mechanics require a complete refactoring of the interface between the simulator and the simulation results viewer, so I’m going to get started on coding that up to scratch my increasingly irritating coding itch. I also need to code up some of the newly solidified game mechanics in order to finish detailing out the remaining details of the core game mechanics, as I’ve reached the point where writing up the code will likely be faster then trying to work it out via a combination of paper and spreadsheet.

Once the design of the core game mechanics are solidified I’ll go through and update my planning milestones to account for the changes.

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