Equivalent of “Effective Python” no where to be found

Maybe I just haven’t found the correct place to look, but I couldn’t find all of the info I was looking for on Python metaclasses all in one place. I ended up referencing:

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be anything as comprehensive and as easily referenced the Effective C++ and More Effective C++ books, so I think I decided to start putting together a document called “Concise Effective Python”.

As soon as I tried cutting and pasting from PyScripter into Word I found that I had a new task: find a Python editor that can copy python code as Rich Text (or HTML, just something will retain the formating the editor displays). Visual Studio can do this but I’d need to get and install the IronPython package for VS to get Python colorization there and I’m not sure if that’s still only available as part of the VS SDK, and although I worked on that for a year and half I just don’t it on my machine at present. I’ve been evaluating Wingware’s Python IDE to see what features it had over the free PyScripter Python IDE that were worth paying for and although my evaluation license was expired it allows for a 10 minute emergency session so I gave it ago and found its just copies plain text as well. A quick search revealed that a Python editor named SciTE has a “Copy as RTF” feature and it turns out to be to xcopy deployable so a few seconds after download my task was complete.

Eventually I’ll post a copy of the doc as a page on this blog in case others may find it useful. I was going to put up adhoc posts of information as I added it to the doc, but getting the formatting correct for this blog software is taking longer then I want it to right at this moment.

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1 Response to Equivalent of “Effective Python” no where to be found

  1. It’s a few years late for this post, but I’m now writing such a book: http://www.effectivepython.com/

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