M2 planning complete, coding begins

Since my last update on the progress of developing my game, I flushed out the game mechanics details I needed to get further coding unblocked and took care of the remaining low hanging fruit in regards to refactoring the code implementing M1 hacked up game mechanics into code implementing the newly revamped game mechanics for the remaining milestones. The refactoring work that remains requires a fair bit of new code before the refactoring can occur, so now its time get on with the coding.

Last night I re-planned milestones 2 through 4. Milestones 5-13 were unaffected by the game mechanics changes. M4 was comprised of only one major feature but its equivalent in the new game mechanics is not as large and is necessary immediately, so it was pulled into to M2 and M4 now sits empty. M4 may just get dropped completely, but I’ll put that decision off after M2 is complete. M2 originally had 6 features of which 2 remained in M2, 3 were moved to M3, and one was dropped. The features that remained are now more costly to implement and two new ones were added as well. M3 was light to begin with and what it had was scaled back a bit, so even after moving the 3 features from M2 to M3, M3 still looks like less work then M2, which is why M4 remains empty.

The result of M2 will be playable for myself, so M3 is as well. If I determine the game play is fun after either M2 or M3 is complete then the work for M4 will likely be to develop the unit designer UI (currently I’m just hard coding unit designs, which is why its playable only for myself).

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