Debugging – Komodo IDE vs WingIDE vs PyScripter

I just added the following update to the section titled “Komodo vs PyScripter vs WingIDE – Running and Debugging” of my recent post titled “Komodo Edit vs Komodo IDE vs WingIDE vs PyScripter”:

While debugging Komodo IDE does not show you the current value of any variable if you mouse hover over it. Both PyScripter and WingIDE do so to the best of their ability. Also Komodo IDE does not handle non-standard numerical types well at all such as come when using numpy. If you sum an array comprised of numpy.int32 you get a numpy.int32 and rather then showing you the value of this the best Komodo IDE can do is show you an array of four single character strings, thus you first have to convert the characters into hex then string them together in the correct order to get the actual number. Neither PyScripter or WingIDE have this issue and they are both able to show you the content of a numpy.array as well.

A couple of days ago I also updated my post titled “PyScripter annoyances and general find & replace gripes” with my experience of using PyScripter’s “remote engine” feature to work around PyScripter’s issues with its internal engine easily getting into a bad state:

Per PyScripter’s comment below I gave using a remote engine a shot to work around this (this requires installing Remote Python Call). It does work fine for running my single file, but my full application is unable to import __main__ in this environment and fails to load as a result (neither WingIDE and Komodo IDE nor have this issue and the later is definitely doing remote debugging according to my firewall; PyScripter doesn’t have this issue when using its internal engine either).

I’m going to keep using Komodo IDE for a while longer yet so that I can get a better feel for it, but at this point WingIDE is really looking like the way to go.

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