NinjaTrader excessive memory usage

Yesterday I started running into problems with NinjaTrader not completing optimization runs. After several tries, including after closing down re-opening the app, I started monitoring the app more closely and the first thing I noticed was that it was consuming large amount of memory and seemed to quit sometime after going over 1GB of usage. Turns out it was consuming over 800MB just starting up. Tried lightening up what was in the workspace, but that didn’t help. Next had a look at what was in its data directory and noticed it has some pretty large files under dirs called log and trace, so I figured it was probably fully loading these into memory and deleted them. That got the start-up memory back down to about 75MB, which more reasonable for a .Net app. Everything looked good until I tried to run the optimizer again. It’s got a drop down box used to select which strategy to run, but its empty. Other parts of NinjaTrader show the strategies just fine, but apparently something related to that drop down has a dependency on one of the files, so It looks like I’ll need to get something restored to make it happy again (didn’t bother backing up the files).

Oh well, I was going to install it on another machine so I wouldn’t just let it run optimizations there over the course of days without it interfering with my use of my main machine.

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2 Responses to NinjaTrader excessive memory usage

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  2. TazaTek says:

    Sounds like you need another indicator. Go here and make your request!

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