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Intel Core 2 better suited for my analysis then AMD Athlon 64 X2

After getting the new quad core machine assembled, configured, and imaged I found that it can run through a single analysis about 34% faster then my current dual core machine.  Since the new machine has twice the cores its analysis … Continue reading

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Throwing hardware at the problem

Well, with the results in for 16 out of 22 stocks, 3 metrics are standing out for both the last 2 years and the last 5 years worth of history for those stocks. It will be sometime tomorrow until the … Continue reading

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Easy optimizations resulted in 39% shorter runtime

The partial caching of the calculations of the technical indicator resulted in 35% less runtime and experimentation with the various complier and linker optimizations switches resulted in a little be more of a speed up for in runtime being an … Continue reading

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Faster seperation of the wheat from the chaff

Well I didn’t get any further on my plan from my last post then implementing the plug-in to PSS to dump daily stock data to CSV flat and a console application to crunch the data. Rather, then start analyzing intra-day … Continue reading

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