Potentially better results, but too much data to be sure yet

I was out of office 7/25 through 8/4, but before I left I modified my analysis software to do what I thought was going to be a very time consuming analysis while I was out for such a long period of time, but it only ended up taking about 10 hours per stock so a long weekend would have been enough time to run through it all. Guess I’m really going to have to amp it up more if I really want to tax this new machine.

I’ve taken a cursory look at the results and the high returns are definitely better then those from previous runs, but there is to much data for me to manually determine if the parameters that produce those high returns are remotely consistent or if they are all over the map.

As a result I need to decide whether to create a second application that will summarize the results from the analysis of multiple stocks (my current analysis software produces results for one stock a time) or to modify the current software to be distributed so that the results can be combined on the fly.

Doing the second application will be faster and simpler, but distributing the current one will allow for multi-stock strategies, which is something I’ve been thinking of trying out as well.

At present I’m not sure if I’ll be working on that or starting a short term contract job in a few days. It was looking like the short term contract was pretty solid, but finalizing the details has turned out to be a slow process, so I’m not certain it will happen at all, let alone with-in a few days.

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