No Appcelerator for my first App Engine app

Playing Travian inspired me to develop web based strategy, and after surveying a number of others to get a feel for the market I’ve begun game design and technical prototyping.

I thought I’d give Appcelerator a try, since it can create project for Google’s App Engine. I noticed that they have a plug-in for Eclipse; however, after installing Eclipse and their plug-in I found that their project wizard was throwing an exception at the last step. It may be that they expect the Eclipse install to include certain thing such as a Java development environment (I had installed the C/C++ only distro), but I they have a command line tool for creating projects as well, so I gave that a shot. I was able to run the created project locally and deploy it to App Engine and run it successfully there as well. However, I found that the project was not setup to use Pylons as I had mistakenly gotten the impression that it would be. I created a Appcelerator project for Python rather then AppEngine with their command line tool and I found that that project did use Pylons and it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to get that project up and going on App Engine by following these directions. I also found that the default generated index page was HTML 4.01 rather then XHTML 1.0 and after switching it over, I found that a number of the Appcelerator specific things wouldn’t pass validation (the original HTML 4.01 version didn’t pass validation either).

As I’d like my first web app to actually serve up pages that are valid, that means no Appcelerator for me. I also have a strong desire to not be involved with javasript in any way shape or form. I was willing to live loading a third party script I never needed to touch, but I noticed that the example for some of the Appcelerator widgets involved adding app specific javascript.

I’m going to start over with a pure Pylons project and then go back to trying to get my CSS stylings to work in both FireFox and IE. IE doesn’t seem to be handle things tagged with float as well as FireFox so I may just throw in the towel on having a dynamic layout that will adapt to different width windows and just go with a fixed width of that will work on a display 800 pixels wide.

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1 Response to No Appcelerator for my first App Engine app

  1. Mark Luffel says:

    The IDE actually requires the command line tool to be installed. We need to make that more explicit (like, show a message to that effect rather than a stack trace).

    I think that you’ll be able to figure out how to merge the Appcelerator Pylons and AppEngine projects, but if you have any particular questions please ask.

    Because Appcelerator uses custom attributes (and sometimes, embedded xml) your pages won’t validate. This is a well known issue, and is something that one just learns to live with.

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