Web Strategy Game Design Progress

While I was out of office recently I made good progress on the design of what would have been my first web-based strategy game. I say “would have been my first”, as it became clear that it was going to take longer to actually implement then I wanted for my first web application. I had suspected this was going to happen and had already decided to design a lighter weight web strategy game as soon as it was clear my first design was to heavy weight.

I got started on my light web strategy game on the flight back and I’ve nearly got the design up through to a similar point in the game progression as my heavy web strategy game. It’s been moving along quite fast so far, since I’ve largely just been simplifying my heavier design, but I’ve just about leveraged everything I can, so we’ll shortly see how the pace changes when tackling new territory. I’d like to get the design wrapped up and on to coding pronto.

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2 Responses to Web Strategy Game Design Progress

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  2. What software are you using for your game design? Can you reccommend a good one?

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