Does demand exist for third party extension to GAE’s Datastore API?

On this post I had stated I’d like third party extension to Google App Engine’s Datastore API that provided:

  1. Transactions spanning entity groups
  2. Checkpoints and journaling to allow rollback to a good state
  3. Schema version management

and that I locate an existing third party extension to Google AppEngine’s Datastore API that fulfilled those requirements (or even one of them for that matter).

On that post I had also stated that I had decided not to write it myself at this time, but I just got a comment this was a shame. This has me wondering if there is presently sufficient demand for such an extension to warrant me investing my time in creating it sooner rather the later (or ever).

If I wrote it, I think I’d likely release it under dual license. One for OSS for non-commerical use, and one for commercial use, with the one for commercial use not requiring the payment of fees immediately (perhaps a very small % of revenue once your app has some or a flat annual fee per app first payable 90 days after your site goes live).

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