Project Fangorn progress IV

Game Design

In thinking about the exploits feature (as previously mentioned) I came to the conclusion that having players achieve singular global exploits by being the first to do something would give to much advantage to those who start a hear, round, or game exactly when it began.  First I was thinking about changing it to be the based on relative speed of achievement so that even if someone starts late, if they can do it in less time from when they start they would achieve the exploit.  Thinking about that a little further I realized that would be easily exploitable by automation.  The original design would have been exploitable in the same way as well.

Now I’m thinking it will based on the least number of turns to achieve the goal, then its about efficiency rather then earliness or quickness.


At this point I’ve got just about everything implemented needed for a player to build up their majorverse (i.e. home base, capital, etc.).  I think I just have one more command to implement, some UI tweaking, and then implementation of initial scoring/ranking system, and then I’ll be to point where I want to deploy a pre-alpha prototype to see how everything runs once deployed to Google App Engine.

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