Project Fangorn progress V

At this point, I’ve got all of the game features implemented that I wanted in place before publishing a prototypical preview of Project Fangorn onto Google App Engine.  Fours things remain before publishing the preview:

  1. Implement robust cross-entity cross-request update mechanism for changes to entities that are not all in the same entity group.
  2. Improve error handling
  3. Update to latest GAE SDK.
  4. Get fileset below 1000, since GAE has a hard limit on that and I believe I’ve exceeded it now (I was quite close before and I’ve a lot of new application files as well as some additional libraries).

#1 will definitely take some doing.  The other 3 could all go pretty quick, but last time I updated to a new GAE SDK my app stopped working and it took re-imaging my machine to an image free of any GAE SDK and then re-installing to get it working again.

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