Project Fangorn playable prototypical preview deployed

I just played through all my initial turns for the playable prototypical preview of turn based web strategy game codenamed Project Fangorn that I deployed to Google App Engine earlier today.  At this point you are confined to your majorverse (home base) and you can’t come into contact with other players; however, you can build up your majorverse to increase your score and thus your rank versus other players.

To follow-up on my last progress post, upgrading the SDK didn’t cause me any problems this time and it turned out I was not over the 1000 file limit just yet so that part of deployment went smoothly; however, the app didn’t just run once it was deployed.  It looks like the local server will allow entities to be retrieved from multiple entity groups inside a transaction, but the GAE’s servers just return None (don’t even throw an exception) so it took me a while to figure out what the problem was exactly.  Fortunately fixing was trivial as I had been aware of that limitation so it was just a couple of things that had unnecessarily crept in and could simply be removed.  Still it would be nice if the local server wouldn’t let you do things the real one won’t.

On the implementation side implementing “robust cross-entity cross-request update mechanism for changes to entities that are not all in the same entity group” was more complex then I had anticipated, so it took longer to get implement then I had expected.  I tested it as well as I could without having client’s on different IP addresses and multiple servers running (the local server isn’t distributed as far as I can tell) to test it with, but given the complexity of the code there is likely a bug in there somewhere that will only show up on the live servers if there a lot of users hitting it simultaneously.

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