Personal preference for geometry coding

I started fiddling around with the rendering engine for Project Wellingham as my entry point to getting back into that code base, and in short order I realized that I really liked working with geometry related code and that I’d been missing such coding while I was working on Project Fangorn and my stock analysis software before that.  Although Project Fangorn was a strategy game, I had purposefully designed it to not make use of any geometry to keep it as simple as possible considering it was going to only have an HTML interface, so I didn’t get the same level of satisfaction working with those game mechanics as I do with game mechanics that utilize geometry.  Of course I didn’t actually realize it at the time and attributed most of my lack of satisfaction with working on that project to frustration with the limitations of Google AppEngine and in hindsight I can see now that I really should have tossed in the towel on that project back in early October.  Oh well, live and learn.

For those of you who read this blog regularly you may notice that the title has changed from “Josh Heitzman’s Impersonal Blog” to “Josh Hetizman’s Blog O’ Code”.  When I originally started this blog, it was because my wife didn’t want me putting up long posts about my work on shared blog about our activities, family visits, photos, etc., so I considered our shared blog to be for personal stuff and this one to be for work and technology related posts (i.e. impersonal).  At first I wasn’t going to post this as it didn’t seem consistent with the blog title, but then it occurred me that there was no reason I couldn’t just change the title.

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2 Responses to Personal preference for geometry coding

  1. Catharina says:

    Dear JK Heitzman,

    While searching for a way to export NinjaTrader charts into vector image (to be able to work on the charts in Adobe Illustrator or AutoCad to draw circles, squares, 45 degree angles etc.) I came across your site. Can you please tell me if you know a simple way to export NinjaTrader charts into vector image? (i.e. a *.DWG, *.Tiff or *.PDF will do me fine). Unfortuanatly I have zero knowlegde of programming :-o.

    Looking forwards hearing from you & many thanks,

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