Time for a colloborative game project

In my last post I mentioned that it was time for me to start working with other folks again, that I was posting my resume to various sites, that my expectations of finding a good position were low due to the current economic climate, and that I was going to wait until after I finished M2 of my current game project before actively looking at job postings.

During the last week, I couldn’t resist reviewing current job postings and the state of things is even worse then I thought. Additionally, the posting of my resume online has generated contacts (and spam) with recruiters but not from employers.

I figured that working with other folks again meant that I’d need to find position at a company, as my current project is both large in scope and radical in design, which makes it a hard sell in my opinion and I’m a craptacular salesmen. Thus, I see it as highly unlikely that I’d be able to recruit any partners for this particular project until its far enough along to sell itself and that is months off at best. I also can’t afford to hire an employee to work on the project.

That said it just dawned on me that I could collaborate with other folks on a new game project rather then my current one. A few days ago I decided to try my hand at writing some fantasy and science fiction, and in brainstorming for that effort I came up with a couple of ideas that I just realized would be well suited for a game that wouldn’t require hand crafted textures and fairly minimal amounts of models, animation, and landscape. So while these ideas could not be used to create a game without any artists being involved, as is the case with my current project, large off-shore teams generating content wouldn’t be required to complete a game either.

So my next step is to contact some folks to see if any have the interest and spare cycles to take on a side project like this. If not perhaps I can find some collaborators in the forums of game development websites.

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