Project Wellinghall M2: Coding complete, now for some tweaking

I just crossed off my last work item for M2 of Project Wellinghall and then spent an hour playing around with the fruits of my labor. One thing that is clear is I need spend some time writing some code that generates a bunch of tables so I can get a better handle how all of the game mechanics interact. I have got a bunch of knobs and levers I can tweak in the game mechanics, but currently my view on how things change in response to a tweak is rather narrow as I currently only have one scenario and that pits two very similar combatants against each other. I’ve also got various numerous spreadsheets I’ve created manually as part of my game design process, but each table only deals with one aspect of the game mechanics, so I need create a tool to generate a wide variety of scenarios, get them executed, and then summarize the results into numerous cvs format tables for easy spreadsheet viewing.

At present I’m just trying to decide if creating that tool is work that remains in M2 or if it goes in M3. If it goes in M3, then I need to decide how much time to spend manually messing around with the features I have now before calling M2 done and moving on to M3.

I think I’ll spend tomorrow playing around with it and then see where to go from there.

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