Project Wellinghall: M3 design complete

While M3 planning was completed last week, parts of the plan had not been fully detailed in terms of the game mechanics or implementation.  That design work is now complete, as it most of the refactoring to use a proper logging mechanism.  The first phase including 3 refactoring work items and 1 new features.

The second phase is to put in some internal consistency checking to ensure a steady state is maintained (i.e. that no energy disappearing or materializing out of no where).  I want to get that done before I spend time on balance to ensure that balancing work isn’t wasted on buggy game mechanics.

The third phase is the balancing phase, which includes creating the scenario manager and 3 then 3 new features.  Before implementing those 3 new features, I wan to have the scenario manager in place so that I can effectively evaluate the impact of the new features to see if they are either overpowered or useless.

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