Changes in location, employment, and project II

It’s been nearly three years since my last update on this blog.  During the first two of those three years, I was making some regular updates on Facebook and later Google+, but I haven’t been updating those much of late either.  So, time to get back in the habit of blogging again.

During the last three years I resigned from my position at PC-Doctor in Reno, took a position as a remote Software Engineering Manager at Mindspark, relocated from Reno, NV to Kirkland, WA to open and manage Mindspark’s Bellevue, WA office, was promoted to Senior Engineering Manager, relocated from Kirkland to it’s neighbor Redmond just a half mile from where we used to live in Redmond, resigned from my position at Mindspark last month, and have been looking for a co-founder for a tech startup since then.

While it wasn’t mentioned in my last blog post, I had stopped working on Project Wellinghall and started working on a fictional writing project.  The research and actual writing for that project consumed most of my spare time for just over 2 years, until my position at Mindspark ate away at my free time and didn’t leave anything left for the fictional writing project.  When it came to actual writing, my most productive days started out working on the beach at Tahoe and then continued into the night at home, and I haven’t found a similarly inspiring location here in the Greater Seattle area yet.

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