Project Cloud Hydra

Project Cloud Hydra is a campaign I just setup on Indiegogo and will integrate with file system to combine multiple cloud storage services into one local view. Works even when one service is offline.  The primary goal of this project is to provide you independence from any single cloud storage service provider.  Independence from short term outages in the service and from long term changes in the the terms or cost of service and even service being discontinued.  Cloud Hydra is purely client software that installs onto your PC.  Cloud Hydra is not a cloud storage service in and of it self, but rather it integrates with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive ( integration is a stretch goal).

To achieve this goal Cloud Hydra integrates with the file system to allow you to “Enhance folder with Cloud Hydra!” and will then take the contents of that folder and upload it to all of the cloud storage providers that you have enabled.  Cloud Hydra will then keep those files synchronized between the cloud storage providers and your machines.  Cloud Hydra requires you to provide it with your credentials for at least one cloud storage service during installation as the minimum required for it to function.  You can configure as second cloud storage service during installation or do so after installation if you would prefer to sign up for additional services after first giving Cloud Hydra a try.

The reviewers at Kickstarter don’t seem to be very fond of non-game software projects.  There are only 10 active ones there at the moment, which is just a fraction of the software games project active there at the moment.  Kickstarter’s editors rejected both Project Cloud Hydra and Project Kickshirtful.  The latter was a Kickstarter meta-project (a project about Kickstarter projects) to facilitate t-shirt providers in relieving project creators of the burden of receiving, repacking and shipping t-shirts for their projects.

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