Cloud Storage Aggregators

As part of the investigation and planning for Project Cloud Hydra, a survey of software providing similar functionality was completed.  While the survey did not find any client-side software that aggregates multiple cloud storage services to achieve provider independence and increased file resiliency and availability, it did turn up a number of cloud storage service aggregator services.  Unfortunately an aggregator service doesn’t provide independence from it’s own service and thus does not fulfill the primary goal of Cloud Hydra, which is providing service independence through redundant use of multiple cloud storage services.

As for existing client-side software, there are some that are able to present a view of multiple cloud storage services and in turn make it easier to manage using multiple services, and some even provide security via encryption prior to upload.  That said, none of the surveyed software actually provided for automatic synchronization between a local folder and all supported cloud storage services and between a cloud storage service, a local folder, and the other services.

Follows are the relevant software and services that were turned up during the survey:

  • Cloudfogger – currently free to use and supports a number of cloud storage services.  Provides encryption prior to upload and optionally locally as well.
  • SparkleShare – OSS collaboration and sharing tool that utilized GIT repositories as it’s storage solution.
  • Syncany – OSS tool only available on Linux currently.  Has promise, but not done enough and not generally useful without being ported to more widely used PC platforms.
  • AeroFS – still in Beta.  Looks like it will provide p2p file sync and sharing with optional cloud storage provided by the company.
  • ZeroPC – a cloud desktop service that integrates with cloud storage services as well as other online services.  Has “Personal Safety Box” that is encrypted, but unclear how much storage is available.
  • InstallFree Nexus – provides a cloud service that allows LibreOffice (free) and Microsoft Office (paid) and rich web apps to used through a browser including mobile browsers.  Provides ability to connect apps to cloud storage services.
  • SMEStorage – provides a cloud service that aggregates cloud storage services and also provides client tools on some platforms.  Has “Cloud-to-cloud realtime backup” buried in the feature list of two paid accounts, which would appear to allow redundancy to be established.
  • Otixo – provides a cloud service that aggregates cloud storage services and provides a WebDAV interface that local applications can utilize.
  • GladiNet – provides it’s own cloud storage service and also service that aggregates cloud storage services.  Looks like it has cloud-to-cloud backup at a certain level of service, but website is not a model of clarity.
  • CloudHQ – a subscription only cloud storage synchronization service that is able to synchronize files between multiple cloud storage services.
  • DuraCloud – is a enterprise service (starts at $1500 / year) that aggregates the storage services provided by Amazon Webservices, Windows Azure, and Rackspace to achieve increased file resiliency and availability.
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    What about sugarsync

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