Project Cloud Hydra Indiegogo Postmortem

While my Cloud Hydra Indiegogo campaign isn’t over yet, it’s not only lacking traction but has gone off a cliff.  The first time I looked for the campaign by browsing through the Technology category, I found it on page 12.  The next day it was up to page 10, the next page 9, and then page 8 on the third and fourth full days.  However, on the fourth day of the campaign I update the brief and long descriptions and haven’t been able to find the project in the Technology category since then.  I actually went through all forty pages the first day and have check the first dozen several times since then.

As of now, the project has gotten 21 referrals through tracking links I’ve shared here, on Facebook, and Google+, but no direct views.  Since the campaign is no longer showing up when browsing the Technology category, I am assuming it will never get any direct views and in turn will not get any traction.

Lessons learned:

  • Regular updates (announcements) do appear to improve the positioning of a campaign in it’s category (I did an update of the first 4 days), as Indiegogo says it will.
  • Updating the brief and/or long descriptions may cause a campaign to no longer show up when browsing campaigns.
  • My social networking skills are insufficient to getting a campaign funded through my network.
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