Grail42: single threaded test framework complete

Grail42 now provides its own independent implementation of the normalized API and output format that the TUT, gtest, and CppUTest test frameworks were adapted to provide by Grail42 already.  The unit_test template project also now defaults to utilizing Grail42’s own framework instead of TUT.

Since TUT and CppUTest are not thread safe and gtest is not thread safe on Windows platforms, the normalized API doesn’t account for threads, so the next step is to extend the API to provide the ability to create multi-threaded tests when using Grail42’s own framework rather than one of the three adapted frameworks.

A decent chunk of the required  implementation is already in place with only a few more C++ classes remaining to be implemented, and two of those aren’t required to be thread safe so they can be unit tested using Grail42’s own framework as a dogfooding exercise.

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