Ding! 5 years

Five year anniversary of this blog.  ‘nough said.

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2 Responses to Ding! 5 years

  1. Nathan Duke says:

    Josh, about CloudHydra: This is a legitimately rad concept – it kills me to see good ideas being ignored… mostly because I can relate to the frustration. Are you still pursuing development, or has your return to MS derailed the project? I’m working on a similar app (lighter weight and soc net oriented) but that’s beside the point. As an end user pure and simple, I’d love to see this released! Will it be? -N8

    • Nathan, I am not actively pursuing development of CloudHydra at this time and do not currently have plans to resume work on it. If there is sufficient interest expressed in the project, I would create a new indiegogo campaign to test the fiscal viability of the project.

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