Midas51, hello and meet Grail42

Work on a proof of concept for software to aid with investment decisions began two months ago.  The concept has proven sufficiently promising to warrant continuing investment as Project Midas51.

The code hacked for the proof of concept is throw-away code that provides a workflow only useable by software developers as it is driven by command line apps, produces flat files, and requires tweaks in the code as part of the workflow.  While this was useful for what it was, Midas51 has pristine new code repository in which to commit crafted code for the core software necessary to creating an accessible prototype that can move from prototype to alpha to beta to launch without imploding due to poor craftsmanship.

Grail42 is being restructured to facilitate significantly expanding the amount of Python code it contains.  When the structure of Grail42 was initially laid out it was a purely C++ project and with a goal of having minimal dependencies.  Ultimately the productivity provided by including templates for C++ projects and header files warranted taking a dependency on Python; however, the Python code was shoe-horned into the existing C++ centric file structure.  It is now time to pay that debt and enable Grail42 to expand with Python code as well as C++ code, so that Grail42 can better serve Midas51.

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