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Midas51: third time is the charm

32% CAGR with a maximum drawdown of -34% is the simulated yield from an ensemble learning model discovered in Midas51’s third iteration. Continue reading

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The Future of Software Development

I have my theory of what the future of software development should be.  Some years in the future I may write that down, but I’d rather write the code to make it happen.  In the meantime here are the most … Continue reading

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++productivity == Python

JARGON ALERT:  this post contains jargon, jargon, and more jargon; you may want to skip directly to the last three paragraphs.  Otherwise enjoy some tasty jargon!  Mmmm. I was surprised that almost none of the Python code I’ve written makes … Continue reading

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Vagrant rocks and Midas51 to be hosted on Linux

While I was surprised to discover that Windows Azure provided Linux VMs at a significantly cheaper rate then Windows VMs, I decided to roll with it since Python has excellent cross-platform compatibility.  After getting CentOS 6, Debian 7 and Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Midas51, hello and meet Grail42

Work on a proof of concept for software to aid with investment decisions began two months ago.  The concept has proven sufficiently promising to warrant continuing investment as Project Midas51. The code hacked for the proof of concept is throw-away … Continue reading

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New Project: Investment Decision Aid

My next side project will be an Azure app that aids people in decision making via interactive algorithms that analyze the data underlying the interactive controls, the data stored about the specific user, and the general data stored in the … Continue reading

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Next project and new job

Two weeks ago I rejoined Microsoft as Principal SDE in the Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) group.  Microsoft’s moonlighting policy currently supports employees in creating commercial Windows Azure apps, so my next side project will definitely involve Windows Azure.  I … Continue reading

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