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Midas51: third time is the charm

32% CAGR with a maximum drawdown of -34% is the simulated yield from an ensemble learning model discovered in Midas51’s third iteration. Continue reading

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Next project and new job

Two weeks ago I rejoined Microsoft as Principal SDE in the Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) group.  Microsoft’s moonlighting policy currently supports employees in creating commercial Windows Azure apps, so my next side project will definitely involve Windows Azure.  I … Continue reading


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C++ Unit Test Framework Adapter: Part 1

This is the first post in a 3 part series.  Part 2 is here. Earlier today I completed the implementation of an adapter that provides a common interface to four C++ unit testing frameworks: boost::unit_test / Boost Test Library gtest … Continue reading

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Changes in location, employment, and project II

It’s been nearly three years since my last update on this blog.  During the first two of those three years, I was making some regular updates on Facebook and later Google+, but I haven’t been updating those much of late … Continue reading

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Changes in location, employment, and project.

Since my last post, we’ve moved from Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV. While a number of NV natives describe the day drive between two as extremely boring, none of those making that comment seem to have driven through the … Continue reading

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Time for a colloborative game project

In my last post I mentioned that it was time for me to start working with other folks again, that I was posting my resume to various sites, that my expectations of finding a good position were low due to … Continue reading

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Time to start working with other folks again

After some reflection on the last year of doing solo software development, I’ve come to the conclusion that working solo does not allow for maximum productivity, that maximum productivity can only be achieved when working as part of a group, … Continue reading

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Personal preference for geometry coding

I started fiddling around with the rendering engine for Project Wellingham as my entry point to getting back into that code base, and in short order I realized that I really liked working with geometry related code and that I’d … Continue reading

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