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No Appcelerator for my first App Engine app

Playing Travian inspired me to develop web based strategy, and after surveying a number of others to get a feel for the market I’ve begun game design and technical prototyping. I thought I’d give Appcelerator a try, since it can … Continue reading

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Google App Engine lock-in … not a problem

Well, even if Appcelerator does expose some of the specifics of Google’s App Engine platform, there has already been a first pass at hacking up a port of the App Engine API to Amazon’s EC2 platform that is already up … Continue reading

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Appcelerator ported to Google App Engine

Just read that Appcelerator has been ported to Google’s new App Engine. I had never run across Appcelerator before in my searching for Python web related libraries. Perhaps because Appcelerator supports a number of languages other then Python (Java, PHP, … Continue reading


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