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New Project: Investment Decision Aid

My next side project will be an Azure app that aids people in decision making via interactive algorithms that analyze the data underlying the interactive controls, the data stored about the specific user, and the general data stored in the … Continue reading

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NinjaTrader hangs and crashes

After installing NinjaTrader on my secondary machine, which isn’t as beefy as my primary machine, the first optimization run hung, and the second two attempts both silently crashed (i.e. NinjaTrader just disappeared). I had the task manager up for all … Continue reading

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NinjaTrader excessive memory usage

Yesterday I started running into problems with NinjaTrader not completing optimization runs. After several tries, including after closing down re-opening the app, I started monitoring the app more closely and the first thing I noticed was that it was consuming … Continue reading

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NinjaTrader Strategy Backtesting and Optimization

NinjaTrader’s support for strategies is definitely superior to that of StrategyDesk. NinjaTrader allows strategies to control the number of shares bought and sold, so it can be setup to roll profits into the next trade for backtesting (you could do … Continue reading

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