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++productivity == Python

JARGON ALERT:  this post contains jargon, jargon, and more jargon; you may want to skip directly to the last three paragraphs.  Otherwise enjoy some tasty jargon!  Mmmm. I was surprised that almost none of the Python code I’ve written makes … Continue reading

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Vagrant rocks and Midas51 to be hosted on Linux

While I was surprised to discover that Windows Azure provided Linux VMs at a significantly cheaper rate then Windows VMs, I decided to roll with it since Python has excellent cross-platform compatibility.  After getting CentOS 6, Debian 7 and Ubuntu … Continue reading

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New Project: Investment Decision Aid

My next side project will be an Azure app that aids people in decision making via interactive algorithms that analyze the data underlying the interactive controls, the data stored about the specific user, and the general data stored in the … Continue reading

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Time to start working with other folks again

After some reflection on the last year of doing solo software development, I’ve come to the conclusion that working solo does not allow for maximum productivity, that maximum productivity can only be achieved when working as part of a group, … Continue reading

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Compile C and C++ (and Python) code for the Flash platform

Just discovered Adobe Alchemy, which allows C and C++ code to be compiled for the Adobe Flash platform. For me anyway, this shines new light on the Flash platform, as this allows apps to be developed for Flash in widely … Continue reading

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The AppEngine platform needs more tools

While Google’s App Engine is a platform just as things like Windows, *nix, or Sony’s PlayStations are, it is a new one that is sorely missing numerous tools that are readily available on other platforms. For example your OS has … Continue reading

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Space-Based Architecture for AppEngine

Several posts ago I mentioned that I was waiting to see which cloud provider would be up to hosting Project Fangorn first.  In my last two posts (one, two) I talked about some of the issues with testing web apps … Continue reading

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