Grail42 Test

The test framework of Grail42 is a thread safe, thread aware, multi-platform C++ test framework.  It is thread safe in that its verification macros are safe to use in concurrently executing threads and any error messages from a failed verification will be correctly serialized to the standard output even when errors occur on multiple threads.  The test framework is thread aware as it allows a test to be defined in multiple parts that will each be automatically executed on a separate thread by the framework.  It is multi-platform as it has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit, Android 2.2, and Chrome Native Client 23 64-bit and compiled with Visual Studio 2010, gcc 4.4, and gcc 4.6.

Grail42 also includes a unit test project wizard / template and instructions on its use can be found in that project’s readme.

A simple example of usage follows:

#include <g42core/test/test.hpp>
#include <g42core/test/short_defines.hpp>
#include <g42core/test/main.hpp>


// single threaded test

// two threaded test


int wmain(int, wchar_t* [])
    return G42CORE_TEST_RUN_TESTS();

and the execution of the above code results in the output:

*** Tests started  ***
unit_test000.cpp(20): false
unit_test000.cpp(26): false
unit_test000.cpp(30): false
*** Tests complete: 0 passed, 2 failed, 0 skipped ***



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