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While, I’ve been mostly distracted from working on my stock analysis software by the web-based strategy game Travian, I have decided to go ahead with creating a summarizing app to post process the result from the my stock analysis app rather then building summarizing directly into the stock analysis app at this time. The main reason is that I’m not 100% sure what I want out of the summarizing process and building it to the stock analysis app would mean having to rerun the analysis if I want to more/different summaries. By keeping the two processes separate I’ll be able to develop the summarizing code more quickly. Later on I can always modify both apps so that the analysis app feeds data directly to the summary app if I wanted them to be integrated. In the case the summary app might be a good candidate for the master node of a distributed app.

I’d also note that I’m not going on a contract job soon. The three parties (me, the recruiting company, and their client) couldn’t quite get all the details worked out to everyone satisfaction. The sticking point for me is they wanted me to be at the client site next week, which, in addition to about 11 hours on the road and a week in a hotel, I would have needed to acquire an existing Nevada LLC that had a business license. While Nevada LLCs aren’t that hard to come by, those with business licenses are and it would have cost me $3k for something that would have only cost a few hundred if not done in a rush. That on top of the travel expenses and time away meant a significant up front investment on my part, but they didn’t want to provide for a minimum number of hours or an upfront fee.

Last Friday I did mail in the Articles of Organization for a Nevada LLC. Once I’ve got the paperwork back from the Nevada Secretary of State the LLC can then apply for a business license and get that in order before I go looking for contract work (or it comes looking for me again).

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