Project Wellinghall back underway

As Project Fangorn, a light weight web-based strategy game, has been put into the deep freeze and I’ve taken some time off to do some game playing, it is time to dust off Project Wellinghall and get back to work in it.  I stopped worked on Project Wellinghall a bit over six months ago (5/22/2008 to be exact) when I started working on stock analysis software with this being my last post on the subject.  At the time I didn’t actually call it Project Wellinghall, but having a code name makes it easier to refer to, so I went ahead and gave it one retroactively.

I have no shortage of written game design, planning, and current progress documents relating to that project and specifically to M2, so I won’t have to wallow around trying to figure out where I left off; however, I do have over 50 pages to read to get back up to speed.

Time to make some tea!

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