64 cores on a PCIe card

Just ran across Tilera Corp’s PCIe cards ( TILExpress-64 and TILExpress-20G ) sporting a 64 core processor. Assuming my back-end game simulator can be sliced enough that the processing of one instance can be scaled to hundreds of separate processes, this could be a pretty cost effective way to get that many cores to run it on. Definitive pricing info doesn’t appear to be available yet. The best I could find is a reference to $435 in lots of 10000. Something to keep an eye on.

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1 Response to 64 cores on a PCIe card

  1. Jesper says:

    Or as a network proxy for an mmorpg game.
    Handling all of that nasty multi-port networking and possibly even performing some work before sending messages to the game core.
    Byebye select() – byebye IOCP 🙂

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